The Zarnak Blaster is a improved version of the Karnak Blaster capable of fireing 3 rounds a second. The gun is expensive to produce, so only Special Troopers and O.S.T. Troopers are equipped with it.

Weapon HistoryEdit

Soon after Art Karnak's invention of the new Karnak Blaster. U.S.A.T. private Roger Stevenson thought of improving it by making it a rapid firing machine gun, but he soon found out it was impossible to turn the Karnak into a machine gun. Stevenson was only able to build a Karnak that could fire 3 rounds per second and he soon gave it general Victor Malkovich, which made Malkovich real impressed. the gun was named Zarnak which rymed with Karnak to respect the new weapon and creator Art Karnark.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Mostly used for slaughtering groups of enemys

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