The S.B.M.R. which stands for Super Blackhole Mass Retracter is a very powerful weapon considered to be the most powerful weapon known to mankind. The S.B.M.R. fires a blackball that starts to spiral into a Blackhole and sucks everything around it into another dimension or world. It is so powerful, that nothing can escape it not even the Saberhawk (U.S.A.T.'s fastest spacecraft ever). The weapon was so powerful That U.S.A.T. had only produced 12 of it and later on stopped producing it. The history of it is top secret but some people say the creaters got it from aliens. The history will be revealed right below.

S.B.M.R. HistoryEdit

S.B.M.R. StatisticsEdit

  • Range: unlimited
  • Weapon of mass destruction: Blackhole
  • Material: Iron and Metal
  • Mostly used for destroying whole cities such as headquarters
  • To operate: turn the on and off switch

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