Karnak Blaster

The silver/titanium made MK-5. The two weapons: 10mm (top) and 7.62x51mm (bottom).

The MK-5 is the basic assault rifle carried by United States Marine Corps. It has two main weapons: A 10mm and a 7.62x51mm bullet (below the 10mm) for sniping. It is better known for its durability and devastating fire power.

Weapon HistoryEdit

The MK-5 was invented by a weapon specialist named Art Karnak. He invented the gun after he was brutally injured in battle. Art wanted a way to improve warfare. He decided to create a gun that would be useful for CQB and sniping. It took him three years before he invented the first MK-5 ever. He later gave it to the US Army. The US Army was so impressed by his gun that they switched their old A-14s for the new gun. Karnak later died in 2020. General Victor Malkovich honored him with the Red Eagle Medal for inventing such a great gun.


The gun is made complete from plastic, 3% chrome, and 5% Titanium. It has two guns, a 10mm and a 7.62x51mm bullet. The gun has two modes which it can switch to with a button, sniping mode and assault mode. For example, if you switched to assault mode, the 10mm could be fired. If sniping mode, the guns 7.62x51mm could be fired. It also has a scope with handle bars for easy carrying. The gun is also waterproof and is stainless

Weapon StatisticsEdit

  • Rounds: (10mm) 35 rounds (7.62x51mm) 6 rounds
  • Range: (10mm) 70 yards+ (7.62x51mm) 1 mile
  • Material: Plastic, 3% chrome, and 5% Titanium
  • Shell: 10mm and 7.62x51mm (sniping)
  • Mostly used for charging at enemys and killing at medium range and long range
  • Users: mostly everybody in the USMC.

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