M50 Assault Tank
Type: Class 4 Tank
Creator: U.S.A.T.
Service history
In service: Since 2387
Used by: U.S.A.T. Troopers
First appearance in wars: None
Production history
Number built: 900
Variants: None
Armor: Iron 1.9 in
Armament(s): 105mm
.30 cal MG
Max speed: 60mph
Crew: 4
Height: 10 ft
Width: 12 ft

The M50 Assault Tank or also commonly called, Katezer-Special is the same tank as the old Katezer, only been modified by the Class 4 Tank project.


  • Faster firing rate
  • Increased bullet size
  • Increased speed with the same gun reach
  • Built on a M-A3 platform
  • Spyder Walker armor combined

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