M21 Deville
Type: Special Class 3 Tank
Creator: U.S.A.T.
Service history
In service: 2389 - 2424
Used by: U.S.A.T. Troopers
First appearance in wars: Many wars
Production history
Number built: 10,012 until 2424
Variants: None
Armor: Blood Red Armor
15 in
Armament(s): Hellfire flame thrower (primary)
32mm machine gun
Max speed: 46mph
Crew: 3
5 more for transport
Height: 9 ft
Width: 10 ft

The M21 Deville or also commonly called Deville, is a Special Class 3 Tank produced by U.S.A.T. It was named in honor after general Joseph Deville.


The M21 Deville is equipped with with a powerful "Hellfire" flame cannon. The cannon fires non-stop (Like a flamethrower) at an target until the fuel is used up.


This tank is very deadly because it can fire flames that can burn through most things. It also fires non-stop which makes it very hard for the enemy to fight back. Because of its powerful CQC support, it considered to be the number one close-range tank destoryer.


The main disadvantage of this tank is that it has a very limited gun reach. If an target is at a very fa range, the flames it will fire will not reach it. This gives long distance enemy assault vehicles an advantage to take it out.

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