Light Anti-Air Rocket Launching Tank
Type: Class 1 Tank
Creator: U.S.A.T.
Service history
In service: 2287-2350
Used by: Cannon Troopers
First appearance in wars: To be updated
Production history
Number built: 12,000+
Variants: 4 wheel drive automobile
Armor: 10 in
Armament(s): 2xGround Rockets
Max speed: 55mph
Crew: 4
Height: 6 ft
Width: 10 ft

The Light Anti-Air Rocket Launching Tank (Nicknamed: Anti-Air Intruder/A.A. Intruder) is a Class 1 rocket launching tank. This tank can fire 2xGround Rockets at air targets, but has a fairly weak armor to defend itself. In 2350, all Light Anti-Air Rocket Launching Tanks were recalled due to its weakness and replaced by a more upgraded version of it, the Anti-Air Rocket Launching Tank (A.A. Terminate), which U.S.A.T. had been working for years.



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