Any tank that has over 60% damage and 65% armor is a powerful unit.

Class 1 TankEdit

Class 1 Tank Damage
Damage at 10% Vulnerable
Damage at 17% Less-Vulnerable
Damage at 20% So So, easy target for most units
Damage at 25% Average
Damage at 30% Better against its own kind
Over 35% Powerful over its own kind

Class 1 Tank Armor
Armor at 12% Too vulnerable, can't withstand any attacks
Armor at 18% Weak against powerful cannons
Armor at 25% Average Class 1 Tank armor
Armor at 30% Average Class 1 Tank armor
Over 35% Improved armor

Class 2 TankEdit

Class 2 Tank Damage
Damage at 20% Not considered a Class 2 Tank damage
Damage at 30% Out of Class 1 Tank's zone
Damage at 35% Average firepower
Damage at 40% Best cannon
Over 45% Powerful cannon
Class 2 Tank Armor
Armor at 30% Better then Class 1 Tank armor
Armor at 35% Improved
Armor at 40% Modified (Average armor)
Armor at 45% Super Modified
Over 50+ Special class

Class 3 Tank (Iron Tank)Edit

Class 3 Tank Damage
Damage at 38% Not a powerful Class 3 Tank firepower
Damage at 50% Average Class 3 Tank firepower
Damage at 55% Improved
Damage at 60% Very powerful cannon. A threat to most turrets.
Over 60% Turrets become vulnerable
Class 3 Tank Armor
Armor at 40% Weak
Armor at 45% Average
Armor at 50% Average
Armor at 55% Special
Over 60%+ Totally indestructible

Spyder WalkersEdit

Spyder Walkers are robots with IQs and are equipped with super thick armor snd super-powerful cannons, able to penetrate armor at 60%

Spyder Walker Damage
Damage at 45% Not very powerful
Damage at 55% Average
Damage at 70% Too powerful
Damage at 85% Buildings, turrets, and Tanks are vulnerable to this damage
Damage at 100%

Mass destruction

Only one walker has this type of damage

Spyder Walker Armor
Armor at 80% Best of the Best
Armor at 90% Average thick armor of a Spyder Walker
Armor at 100% Takes a lot to penetrate this type of armor
Armor at 110% Really, really thick armor
Armor at 120%+ Such a powerful weapon could destroy this.

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