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Class 3 Tanks or Iron Tanks are the final upgrade of the Class 1 and 2 Tanks. These tanks or monsters are equipped with very powerful cannons. Able to destroy turrets and buildings.

Class 3 TanksEdit

The final upgrade

  • Katezer: The final upgrade of Gattler and Speedpanzer. It has reduced speed, but with heavy firepower.
  • Blackviper: The strongest tank of all. This tank is equipped with a Black Fusion Cannon.
  • Longcannon: A mere threat to most turrets. It is able to destroy turrets from far ranges.
  • Redfire: This close range flame thrower tank is best used to destroy enemy buildings.
  • A.A. Destroyer: A powerful anti-air tank. A group of these could easily destroy any enemy air crafts.

Special Tanks

  • MivoX14: The final upgrade of Mivo and MivoX. No doubt that this is the best Class 3 Tank.

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