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The Class 2 Tank is a upgraded version of the Class 1 Tank. The tank have been upgraded with harder armour, better firepower, and a longer gun reach.

Class 2 TanksEdit

The Class 2 Tanks are as the same as the Class 1 Tanks, but are upgraded.

  • Gattler: The Gattler is a improved model of the Speedpanzer with better firepower and thicker armor.
  • Lasereye: A improved model of Blastway it is a monster tank because it can destroy Iron Tanks when in groups.
  • Skycannon: The Voltcannon is a improved model of the Voltcannon it is a real threat to turrets because it fires long range.
  • Fireblast: A better tank then it's old model: Blazeattack. The tank is improved with a longer reach to burn the enemies with flame poison.
  • A.A. Terminate: This tank is a improved model of the A.A. Intruder. It has thicker armor and 2 extra rockets which makes it powerful against aircrafts.

Special tanks

  • MivoX: Improved model of the Mivo. It is capable of firing holes right through targets.
  • Xav8A5: A tank with a an IQ.

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