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The Class 1 Tank is the weakest class of ground unit because they are light armoured with weak firepower along with a short distance of firing range.

Class 1 TanksEdit

There are 5 different types of Class 1 Tanks and 2 new ones each with a different firepower.

  • Speedpanzer: The tank has the lightest armour and is a fast tank that fires armour piersing bullets.
  • Blastway: A powerful Class 1 Tank able to knock out Class 2 Tanks easily when in groups.
  • Voltcannon: The tank is considered to be the strongest Class 1 Tank of all because it has a long gun reach.
  • Blazeattack: A flamethrower tank that has a short gun reach. It is considered to be the weakest tank.
  • A.A. Intruder: A anti aircraft tank only able to fire two rockets at a time. It is weak for fighting Aircrafts.

Special Tank

  • Mivo: A special tank. It fires lasers with a rotary gun.

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