Anti-Land Ground Assault Vehicle
Type: Class 1 Tank
Creator: U.S.A.T.
Service history
In service: Since 2330
Used by: U.S.A.T. Troopers
First appearance in wars: World War 4
Production history
Number built: 8900+
Variants: None
Armor: 12in
Armament(s): 60mm
Max speed: 75mph
Crew: 4
Height: 7 ft
Width: 10 ft

The Anti-Land Ground Assault Vehicle or nicknamed Speedpanzer is the fastest Class 1 Tank of all, but it has the lightest armor of all.


The Anti-Land Ground Assault Vehicle is the fastest tank of all, but has light armor and causes low damage. Originally introduced in World War 4, The fast tank could fire its 60mm at enemies at far range.

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