Anti-Air/Anti-Land Special Destroyer Vehicle
Type: Special Class Tank
Creator: U.S.A.T.
Service history
In service: Since 2365
Used by: Special Tank Trooper
First appearance in wars: None
Production history
Number built: 350
Variants: Anti-Air/Anti-Land Ultra Class Special Destroyer Vehicle
Anti-Air/Anti-Land X-21 Class Special Destroyer Vehicle
Armor: Classified
Armament(s): Varies
Max speed: 35mph
Crew: 5
Height: 10 ft
Width: 14 ft

The Anti-Air/Anti-Land Special Destroyer Vehicle is a special class tank produced by U.S.A.T. and K.A.U.F. It is the most sophisticated tank ever produced. Able to fire at Air or Land units. Its weapons vary, but all are very powerful. To U.S.A.T., it is considered the best tank ever made. Troopers nickname it the "Rhino".



The Destroyer Vehicle carries several different types of cannons, each with great firepower.

200mm ultra cannonEdit

The best of the best. The Destroyer can be equipped with this 200mm cannon. This cannon combined with the destroyer is a very powerful combination.

Ultra violet laserEdit

Another armament is the Ultra violet laser. It fires a pink ray which can melt armor.

Ultra Rocket launcherEdit

The tank can be equipped with 25x rockets. Used for Anti-Air threats.

All these weapons are classified, the tank and the weapons will only be used if:

  • The country is under attack by an giant alien machine. Groups of Destroyer vehicles will be sent.
  • An super class air craft.
  • Powerful land units.
  • Defence against an powerful unit.
  • Protection of the U.S.A.T. HQ.


The Destroyer has super hard armor. It is heavily classified. The armor of this vehicle is super powerful, some theories suggest that the armor was taken by alien technology.

Example of how hard the armor is:

Weakness Edit

  • Even though the armor is hard, some air crafts have slightly destroyed the armor a little bit.
  • Spyder Walkers have enough strong firepower to damage the armor and hull.

Other vehiclesEdit

Anti-Air/Anti-Land Ultra Class Special Destroyer VehicleEdit

The Anti-Air/Anti-Land Ultra Class Special Destroyer Vehicle is another version of the destroyer. It has been taken and heavily modified and thats how it got the name, "Ultra Class".

Combat ranksEdit

What is this?
  • Rhino>Any ground unit
  • Rhino>Any air units
  • Rhino>Grenades
  • Rhino>Rockets
  • Rhino<Super Bomb or Nuclear Bomb
  • Rhino=Spyder Walkers

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